Trust God to Take Care of Your Needs

As the years have gone by, our family has grown. Like many families, it is difficult to arrange so many schedules, or for one family to host holiday festivities.  This year my sister and I decided to rent a building and celebrate Thanksgiving the weekend before Thanksgiving. The idea certainly was exciting because we could invite as many family members and friends as we wanted.  We just asked guests to bring a covered dish.

I invited all my family and close friends.  One family member was overly concerned about not having enough food.  The scenario reminded me of Jesus and fish and loaves of bread.  A special friend reminded me that she had never been to a covered dish church social where there wasn’t enough food.  She was so right!  There was so much food left over that we sent food home with the guests and ate leftovers for a week.

When your heart is pure and you want to share with others, trust our sweet Lord God.  He will take care of you.



Thanksgiving has come and gone and we find ourselves entering the Christmas Season.  There are so many things to be happy about, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of the season, along with memories of loss or images of sadness and dread leave us feeling a little bit drained.  This is a great time for reflection.

At first you might think that I’m referring to refelections of Christmases gone by, and there certainly is nothing wrong with starting there.  Today, I challenge you to take this exercise a little further.

Think about where you were 10, 20, 30 or more years ago.   Did you see your life unfolding as it has?  Did you imagine yourself with your partner and family?  Did you see yourself in your current career, children and life?  Do you think it all happened haphazardly?

About 40 years ago I had dreams of being a music teacher with four children living on a beautiful river.  My life went in a different direction as I made daily choices and had to learn God’s many lessons along the way.  Today, I’m a city municipal development director with two children living in a suburban neighborhood.

Of course, I’m not finished yet  Recently I decided to go back to school for my PhD in theology.  Why?  People ask me every day and all I can say is “I don’t know, but I feel like this is what I’m supposed to do.”  As I read my bible daily, I receive messages from God and I have faith that he will lead the way.

I encourage you to take a few moments to reflect andhave Faith in God to lead you.