Happy New Year – Don’t Look Back

I can hardly believe 2016 is almost over!  Like most years, we have some regrets and some events we are more pleased to recall.  When looking at writing resolutions, concentrate on the future, not the past.  We can choose to move forward or get bogged down in the mistakes of the past.  Move forward with 2016 knowledge to become a better Christian.  God bless you.




Spread the Love Friday – Make Someone’s Day

In the hecticness of our busy lives it is easy to forget or not even realize that there are people living in true poverty.  Taking a drive through select areas of our city yesterday brought this issue to the forefront of my mind.  It doesn’t really matter if it was a matter of poor choices, laziness or lack of planning, there are people living in deplorable conditions.  If the truth is known, many of us are just one paycheck away from homelessness.  Today I challenge you to make a difference for just one family living in poverty, real poverty.  Having said that, I encourage you to use caution not going anywhere that you feel is unsafe or putting yourself in any danger.  Some ideas include buying a meal for a family.  Paying a utility bill so a family can have heat in their home.  Buying groceries for a family.  Volunteering with Habit for Humanity.  The list goes on and on.  I can’t wait to hear about how you made someone’s day.  God bless you.


Forgiveness Thursday -Leave the Past Behind

Sometimes it can be difficult to forgive.  Often what it holding us back is family pain or pain related to a crime.  We know the right thing to do is to forgive because holding on makes us bitter and prolongs the pain.  But how do we forgive when the pain is so real and we have to keep interacting with those causing the pain?

The answer is simple, but difficult at the same time.  We need to forgive because Jesus forgives us.  Forgiving others requires tremendous faith.  Forgiveness does not mean that nothing bad happened or that you are covering up the past.  It simply means that you are freeing your soul of the heavy burden.  Then, the hardest part for many is continuing to interact with those who hurt you.  It takes time and prayer asking for strength.  You never forget, and that is okay.  You just let God take care of the problem. God bless you.


Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Show Your Gratitude

One way we can change the world for others and ourselves is to show gratitude to the people we come in contact with daily.  This is especially important during the holidays when people are stressed.  There are so many things we can do and each of us has our own unique gifts. For example, I like to make a list of things and people I’m thankful for, and tell those people how I feel.  I say a daily prayer and thank God for what and who I’m thankful.  Sometimes I will leave a note or bring a surprise gift to someone who has a thankless job.  Of course, I like to tell people thank you, as well. The idea is to be thankful, and to seek out others who I can brighten their day.  Join me in this challenge.  Let me know your ideas.  God bless you.


Try Something New Tuesday -Have Faith

Have you ever found yourself repeatedly praying for the same things? Well, you are not alone.  In Mark 11:24 Jesus tells us “therefore I say unto you. What things you soever  desire when ye pray, believe you receive them and you shall have them.”  Therefore, if we continually ask after praying, we must not have faith.  It makes me think of a child asking his parents repeatedly for a toy.  So, this week I am going to pray once and then give thanks repeatedly, and I challenge you to do the same.

On my weight loss Journey, I have not lost any weight, but I did drink 8 glasses of water every day over the past week.  While continuing the established water habit, this week I’m going to  increase my walking by 1000 steps a day.  I know that is not a impressible amount, but it is achievable and a healthy habit.  Join me and let me know how it works for you.

I hope your Tuesday is fantastic!  God bless you!



Tell Me Something Good Monday – Pause and Enjoy the Quiet Moments

Christmas was wonderfuI!  I enjoyed spending time with my family at home, church, work and social groups.  We had a nice Christmas surprise, when my brother-in-law visited unexpectedly.  There was plenty of food and fun.  I will most likely be dieting all year to lose my holiday weight.  What a blessing it is to have so much to enjoy that we need to use self-control.  Now, in the quietness of my empty home With my dog by my side my blessings shine through.  I was able to give back to the needy.  My husband I were touched by a beautiful Christmas Eve service.  Most of our family members are in good health.  Everyone seemed to enjoy each other’s company with little drama, and memories were created.

Today, take time to sit in the quiet and reflect on the good things.  God bless you all.


Christmas Eve Blessings

This morning I awoke to the sounds of my husbands dressing for work.  I can hardly believe that today is Christmas Eve.  This morning the preparations begin.  Cleaning house and baking. The scents are already dancing in my head.  My children, parents and grandson will be here tomorrow, which warms my heart.  However, tonight is what I am looking forward to the most. My husband and I will attend midnight services to celebrate the birth of our Savior. As Christians we celebrate daily, but this one night of the year our minds quiet to consider the miracle.  Thanks be to God!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!  May God bless you.



Daily Prompt: Discover

When I think back over the last two months, it seemed to fly by in seconds.  We were greeting children dressed up for Halloween with candy, and I turned around to find Christmas was already here.  Caught up in the day to day rat race, I missed much of the joy of the holiday season.  I believe I was not alone.  In our hectic rushing to meet one deadline after another, we often fail to see what is around us.  If for only a few random moments during the day, it  is good to take time to discover God’s world.



Of course, nature is one of the most beautiful gifts we have.  God’s landscape is amazing, and the skies create awe. It is also rewarding to discover the people you pass and with whom you interact.  I’ve heard this referred to as “people watching”.   It can be both entertaining and self-reflective.  If you are someone who likes to shop, discover what is new in the stores.  I am not a shopper, but after being away from a particular store for a period of time, I enjoy perusing the new products.  Another idea is to discover new entertainment options for you, your friends and loved ones.  It is easy to get caught up in a routine of always visiting the same restaurants and going to the same places for fun.  Explore different restaurants in different places, and taste the layers of flavor found in various cuisines.  I love discovering through books.  Whenever I read, I am able to transport myself away from the day’s stress and I always learn something new.  The Bible is the most intriguing of all books.  I’ve been reading the bible since I was a small child, and every single time I pick it up, I learn something new.    Finally, my favorite way to discover is to go for a walk.  It is fascinating to see how differently the world looks when we are walking, as opposed to driving an automobile.  Plus, you enjoy the complete experience of hearing sounds, touching different surfaces and textures,  tasting the rain or snow on your tongue, and smelling aromas from your surroundings whether in an urban or natural setting.

Regardless of what day or time of the year it is, discover your world daily.  God bless you.


via Daily Prompt: Discover

Spread the Love Friday – Randon Acts of Kindness

Happy Friday!  Christmas is right around the corner.  Did you know that when we actively look for ways to brighten the days for others, that we are happier?  So, today smile and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and look for ways to brighten their day.  Maybe leave a note for someone.  Look for ways to ease the burden for others.  The world is a lonely place for many and your cheerfulness will make a difference.  Don’t forget to thank God for all your blessings and opportunities to help others.  Then, post a note and share what you did.  I love to hear the stories of how you made a difference.  God bless you.


Forgiveness Thursday – Forgive Yourself for Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday treats and parties have sure taken a toll on my waistline.  Over indulgence is a problem for me throughout the year, especially with my low levels of exercise due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. It seems to catch me off guard.  Every day my pants grow a little tighter until one night I have a dream my pajamas are too tight.  I don’t feel good about myself and don’t want to go out to parties or social functions.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we need to treat them as such.  For me, it is starting today with forgiveness of my behavior and acceptance of who I am.  As a child of God I know that today is a new day, and there is time for change.  So each week I will begin making small changes, until I see the results I want.  I have a lot of work left to accomplish and I need a strong healthy body with a great self image to make the progress I need.

This week I will drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, and at meal times when I give thanks for my food, I will ask God to help me be mindful of what I am eating.  Join me in this challenge and let me know how you are doing.  God bless you.