Comfort and Joy

The Christmas season is a joyous time.  It’s a time for reverence and a time for giving.  As Christians we give of ourselves completely to our churches, families, friends and coworkers.  We take part in all types of programs where we give to the needy.  We celebrate at gatherings and parties. All of this is wonderful, but it creates a little chaos and stress in our already busy lives.

This year I challenge you to add a few more types of giving that will not take much time, but will be good for your soul and health.  Remember to give a little time to yourself everyday.  Try to find a few minutes everyday to talk to God and meditate on a bible verse. Count your blessings everyday.  See if you can count at least twenty blessings everyday.  Finally, when you are feeling extra stressed in traffic, at the checkout in the grocery store or other places, take a deep breath and be giving to those people. Remember Matthew 6:21.  Jesus said “[f]or where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

May God Continue to Bless You!

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