Tell Me Something Good Monday – Look for God’s Miracles in Your Life!


It’s a new work week and a time to celebrate God’s work in your life.  There are no coincidences.  God is always at work. Today I’m thankful for God’s help with my finances.  During the holiday season sometimes money is tight, but some how things work out.  This weekend I was so grateful for an extra discount on some purchases.  If that wasn’t enough, last night I tried to pay a bill on line.  The website stated nothing was due for the month of December.  Wow! I was so happy.  That was just enough relief to help my family this month.  I tried to pay less than the usual amount only to find the website would not allow me to pay anything.  Thank you God!

I look forward to hearing your stories of God’s work in your life.  May God continue to bless you.



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