Tell Me Something Good Monday – It’s the Little Things

Happy Monday!  Tell me something good!

I have several good things to share.  Friday night I dropped off some goodies for my little grandson.  He’s two and was glad to see me.  As I was leaving he called out to me in the sweetest voice “bye BeBaws”.  Awww.  Later, I received a hug from a sweet friend. When I arrived home, my wonderful husband had prepared a special dinner for me. Yesterday, I received a special text from another dear friend.  Those are the highlights.  However, at the onset of the weekend I had a long Christmas todo list.  Although I was sick, most of the items are done and for me that is good.

Often it is the little things in life that mean the most.  None of my special memories required large purchases.  As you go through the week think of how the little things in your life touch your heart the most.  I look forward to seeing your posts about the good things in your life.  God bless you!


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