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Forgiveness Thursday – Live in Faith Expecting the Best

imageOften, people who have endured hard times, difficult people, chronic illness, or abuse develop a negative view of life over time, even after forgiving those who have hurt them.  They try to protect themselves by expecting the worse.  This type of negative and fearful thinking leads to bitterness, unhappiness and a circular continuation of the events that have taken place in the past.  I have been guilty of this type of thinking.  It has only made my life more difficult, and me more insecure and unhealthy.

Join me today in a renewed thinking and faith in our God.  Instead of thinking the worst, expect the best.  Expect everyone to love you and all situations to turn out good.  Tell yourself repeatedly throughout the day, every day, that whatever you feel will have a good outcome and expect good results.  Let me know how this changes your life.  God bless you!





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