Daily Prompt: Discover

When I think back over the last two months, it seemed to fly by in seconds.  We were greeting children dressed up for Halloween with candy, and I turned around to find Christmas was already here.  Caught up in the day to day rat race, I missed much of the joy of the holiday season.  I believe I was not alone.  In our hectic rushing to meet one deadline after another, we often fail to see what is around us.  If for only a few random moments during the day, it  is good to take time to discover God’s world.



Of course, nature is one of the most beautiful gifts we have.  God’s landscape is amazing, and the skies create awe. It is also rewarding to discover the people you pass and with whom you interact.  I’ve heard this referred to as “people watching”.   It can be both entertaining and self-reflective.  If you are someone who likes to shop, discover what is new in the stores.  I am not a shopper, but after being away from a particular store for a period of time, I enjoy perusing the new products.  Another idea is to discover new entertainment options for you, your friends and loved ones.  It is easy to get caught up in a routine of always visiting the same restaurants and going to the same places for fun.  Explore different restaurants in different places, and taste the layers of flavor found in various cuisines.  I love discovering through books.  Whenever I read, I am able to transport myself away from the day’s stress and I always learn something new.  The Bible is the most intriguing of all books.  I’ve been reading the bible since I was a small child, and every single time I pick it up, I learn something new.    Finally, my favorite way to discover is to go for a walk.  It is fascinating to see how differently the world looks when we are walking, as opposed to driving an automobile.  Plus, you enjoy the complete experience of hearing sounds, touching different surfaces and textures,  tasting the rain or snow on your tongue, and smelling aromas from your surroundings whether in an urban or natural setting.

Regardless of what day or time of the year it is, discover your world daily.  God bless you.


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Spread the Love Friday – Randon Acts of Kindness

Happy Friday!  Christmas is right around the corner.  Did you know that when we actively look for ways to brighten the days for others, that we are happier?  So, today smile and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and look for ways to brighten their day.  Maybe leave a note for someone.  Look for ways to ease the burden for others.  The world is a lonely place for many and your cheerfulness will make a difference.  Don’t forget to thank God for all your blessings and opportunities to help others.  Then, post a note and share what you did.  I love to hear the stories of how you made a difference.  God bless you.