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Forgiveness Thursday -Leave the Past Behind

Sometimes it can be difficult to forgive.  Often what it holding us back is family pain or pain related to a crime.  We know the right thing to do is to forgive because holding on makes us bitter and prolongs the pain.  But how do we forgive when the pain is so real and we have to keep interacting with those causing the pain?

The answer is simple, but difficult at the same time.  We need to forgive because Jesus forgives us.  Forgiving others requires tremendous faith.  Forgiveness does not mean that nothing bad happened or that you are covering up the past.  It simply means that you are freeing your soul of the heavy burden.  Then, the hardest part for many is continuing to interact with those who hurt you.  It takes time and prayer asking for strength.  You never forget, and that is okay.  You just let God take care of the problem. God bless you.


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