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Tell Me Someing Good Monday -Bring on 2017!

God is good all the time. I have so many wonderful things to share today, but I will limit myself to the best!  I recently took a class on faith healing. While I believed in prayer healing people, this class opened my mind to so much more.  I have suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s  Syndrone and Fibromyalgia for more than ten years.  A year ago I was walking with a cane. I stayed sick with one ailment or another all the time, because my very expensive and painful biologics lowered my white blood cell count levels.  It was always a balance between pain and swelling, and sickness.  I was exhausted all the time.  To walk 3,000 steps a day was a struggle.  Last week I prayed for the disease to leave my body.  A few days later I tripped and fell hard on the tile floor leaving me with a bruised knee swollen to twice its normal size.  I prayed for healing again.  My knee is sore, but it healed quickly.  Here’s the best part – this morning I walked and danced over 10,600 steps, and I do not hurt!  Thanks be to God!!

Walking in faith with Jesus is wonderful!  God bless you!


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