Spread the Love Friday – Be Loyal!

Every person was made in God’s image and therefore has worth.  So one way we can spread our love is to be loyal.  Being loyal is often an unspoken promise in a relationship with others.  Trust is the basis of loyalty with which we all have problems (Psalms 118: 8, John 2:24, w Corinthians 6:14-18).  However, when loyalty is lost, relationships tend to slowly fall apart.  Our lives are fragile without loyalty.


Most often we think of loyalty as being faithful to our partners, but there many other ways to be loyal.  We need to be loyal to God, which is the first commandment (Deut. 6:4).  Not only should we love God with our whole heart, but being loyal means to always turn to God, trust God’s mercy, study God’s word, and follow God’s instructions for us.  With others we can show loyalty by respecting differences, accepting that everyone has different gifts, and valuing relationships.  Being loyal also means deflecting praise, which could be given at great personal expense.  It means never disclosing private matters and going alone to the person you have an issue with to discuss matters first.  Sometimes there is a conflict between people in different roles in our lives.  The best thing to do is pray and trust God.

Being loyal is something we all need to work at daily, but not only do we see the results of loyalty in our lives, but others will feel our love and respect.  God bless you on your journey with loyalty.








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