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Try Something New Tuesday – Be the Light!

Happy Tuesday!  Have you ever considered your sphere of influence?  It is most likely much bigger than you think.  Every day there are children, teenagers and adults watching you.  A Christian’s sphere of influence, whether created out of admiration or jealousy, is so important to how the world perceives all Christians, Jesus and God. We all have different gifts and callings that when we keep a good attitude and heart the Lord will use in spreading his word.  Our gifts are given by the power of the Holy Spirit in measure.  Growing our gifts takes faith, time and dedication.  Meanwhile, we must work on giving  up our bad habits, such as having a potty mouth, gossiping, over indulging in anything, lying, stealing, loving money, excluding others by race, sex, gender, socioeconomic class, etc., refusing to forgive those who have hurt us, and the list goes on and on.  No one is perfect, but for us to establish a positive image and live a life that ministers to others, we must constantly work on improving ourselves in a manner reflective of Jesus.


This is the fourth week in my journey for better health.  I started by drinking more water.  It really wasn’t that difficult.  The next week I added 500 – 1,000 steps daily.  Last week I was so excited to find a walking app with a coach and music that made it fun to walk.  This week I am adding mindfulness.  It’s really easy.  Every hour throughout the day I will do something mindfully for a couple of minutes.  For example, I might stretch mindfully and really concentrate on how my muscles feel.  I will probably drink my water mindfully, concentrating on the flavor, texture, and temperature of the water.  Maybe I will mindfully count my blessings or mindfully notice nature around me.  Of course, eating should be mindful too.  At the end of the day I will reflect in my journal about how being mindful has made me healthier.

Join me this week in being mindfully healthy and letting your Christian light shine for others.  God bless you.





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