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Spread the Love Friday – 13 Ways to Pay It Forward

It’s Friday and time to share the love.  In an effort to encourage a new way to see Friday the 13th, today I will provide 13 ways to spread the love of Christ.

First, let me share a little trivia.  Did you know that Benjamin Franklin paid it forward?  Franklin, like many of the founding fathers of the United States of America, would from time to time help others and accept repayment in the form of paying it forward (Founders Bible).  The idea was to advocate individuals help others, rather than the government.  So, for example, if Ben helped you to pay your electric bill, you would pay him back by helping someone else.  What a great idea!

  1.  A couple of weeks ago a coworker shared a story with me about being in the drive through lane at a fast food restaurant.  Whenever my coworker was ready to pay for her food,  the cashier explained that the bill was paid by the occupants of the car ahead of her.  What a great surprise!  I remember how excited she was to pay it forward.  Similarly someone could pay a road toll for the vehicle behind them.
  2. Paying it forward doesn’t have to be with money.  Have you ever considered helping your neighbors clean up their yard?  (Please make sure the neighbor doesn’t mind.)  I have known people who were overwhelmed from work and trying to care for a sick or dying relative to the point of being unable to take care of yard maintenance.  Why not help them and allow them to help others in the future when they are at a better place?  This is much easier and more rewarding than complaining.
  3. From a grandmothether’s perspective, I like to read to and play with little children.  Sometimes young families live away from the grandparents.  Why not help the young families out in your neighborhood by being foster grandparents? Do special things for the children.  It will be rewarding for you, the children and the parents.
  4. How about spreading smiles by paying it forward?  Don’t wait.  Greet everyone you meet with a warm and friendly smile and attitude.  This is easy to do everyday.
  5. Putting shopping carts away isn’t difficult, but can be aggravating when you are in a hurry.  Why not offer to put away a shopping cart for someone?  It only takes a couple of minutes.
  6. Have you ever thought of adding change to a parking meter for the next person?  It doesn’t have to be much.  It’s the thought.
  7. Why not leave a copy of a really great book or the newspaper in the cafe for someone else to enjoy?
  8. Something we all should do is take a deep breath and forgive a driver directing road rage at us. It doesn’t help to react, and it is better for your health.
  9. Next time you see a homeless person, buy them lunch.
  10. Have you ever complimented a stranger?  It is wonderful to see someone light up from a simple unexpected compliment.
  11. Send a box of donuts to a construction site, or offer a cool drink to the FedEx or UPS delivery person on a hot day.
  12. Let someone cut in front of you in the grocery store or in busy traffic.
  13. My favorite is to give someone the benefit of a doubt.

I’m sure you can think of many more ways to spread the love today.  Join me in making the world a better place to live.  God bless you.






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