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Try Something New Tuesday – Say Goodbye to Seconds and Hello to Helps

It’s Tuesday and a great day to try something new.  I’m glad to report a weight loss of six pounds. It wasn’t too hard, but slow.  This week I’m going to eliminate second helpings and in-between snacks.  This will be a challenge for me, but now I have more incentive.  I am preparing to go on a business trip in May and would like to be comfortable on the airplane and feel fit.  I anticipate a lot of walking.  Since I learned of my trip, I have stepped up my game.  So if you are also on a weight loss journey, I encourage you to have a goal to work towards.

Today, I will also be praying for God to lead my husband and me into a lay ministry at church, one that is a perfect fit for our energy levels and lifestyle.  There are so many ways to serve in your church.  I look forward to hearing what you do to serve or how God is leading you.  God bless you!



  1. Great you are losing weight. I started to diet today. Serving God? I guess by my blog and the charities my husband and I give to. We don’t go to a church.

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