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Great is Thy Faithfulness


It’s Praise God Sunday and what better way to start the week.  This morning my mind is drifting between friends and family who have have recently experienced loss, who have health concerns and/or who have financial needs.  Well, I guess everyone probably falls within one or more of these categories at all times, but today I am speaking of extreme cases.

Whenever it seems like our world is spinning out of control, it is easy to fall into the worry trap.  Once worry enters your thoughts, it is hard to break the cycle.  I know because until recent months I was eat up with “worryitis”.  I worried about what people thought, what I was going to do, what I had already done, and the list goes on and on.  Every other thought was worry.  I came from along line of worriers, and sad to say, but I did not realize this was an issue for me.  I could not enjoy anything in life. I have always tried to be a good person and do the right things to the best of my ability.  Worry was my way of trying to control my environment. Guess what?  It did not work.  Worrying made me and everyone around me miserable.

First Peter 5:7 says we can cast all our anxiety on Christ, because he loves and cares about us.  As Christians the whole foundation of our beliefs is faith – “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrew 11:1).  Since I have turned all my cares over to God, my life has been so much happier.

The process is simple, but it does take time and practice.  I simply pray once about the concern.  Thank God for hearing my prayer and helping me.  Then, whenever I think of the problem, I tell Satan to get out of my head.  This is a technique I learned at a Joyce Meyer conference and it works.  After several months, I began to notice the last step was not needed as much.

So today, join me in praying for those with needs, and casting all worries and anxiety on God.  God bless you.



      1. No, I live in Canada, and not near a big city. My mom and I watch her on TV and I’ve bought some of her books. Glad you enjoyed it.

      2. I also watch her on television and read her books. Last year I was on a business trip and she had a conference at the building next to our hotel. I was thrilled at the opportunity. Maybe she will go your way soon.

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