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Try Something New Tuesday -Have a Servant’s Attitude

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  John 15:13

Happy Tuesday.  There are many examples throughout the Bible of people displaying a servant’s attitude, and Jesus provides the greatest by always serving others.  The way of the world is to serve yourself.  Most of us look for a job and means to move up the career ladder.  We seek out recognition because that is necessary to be upwardly mobile.  The Bible teaches a different way.  Having a servant’s attitude means being loyal to your boss and staff, and all times seeking ways to serve them.  It is about helping your boss and staff receive credit, even if it is your work.  Taking a back seat and making others feel good is the primary goal of the servant’s attitude.  While this is difficult when people are job scared, we know it is God’s will.  Taking this even further, we should display a servant’s attitude with our friends, family and at church.  This week I will adjust my attitude and begin serving others as I serve the Lord.

On the weight loss front, I’ve lost 12 pounds.  I had a bad day yesterday.  I think I was tempted on all food fronts mostly due to emotional stress, but today I’m beginning anew by starting Weight Watchers. So next week, I should have more to tell you about how Weight Watchers works.

Today, I ask my readers to please pray for my father-in-law who is having open heart surgery. Thank you for remembering my family with this gesture.

Join me this week on my journey to display a servant’s attitude and continue to lose weight!  God bless you.


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