Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Be Your Minister’s Armor Bearer

“Humble yourself before God and he will exalt you” (1 Peter 5:6)

Yesterday, as my husband and I sat with my sweet mother-in-law for what seemed like endless hours, waiting for my father-in-law to come out of open heart surgery, a friendly face arrived.  He stayed with us for over four hours and listened endlessly to whatever we said with a pleasant smile.  There was a tireless caring and concern in his demeanor. He refused to leave until the surgery was over, and then escorted family members into the critical care unit to see my father-in-law.  Before he left, he held our hands and led us in prayer. After hugging each of us, he was on his way.

Although comforting sick members and their family is one of a minister’s duties, it occurred to me that he probably had other duties that he fell behind on while he was sitting with us and offering a caring ear. Often, we are quick to criticize our ministers when everything is not just perfect in the church.  I think we should instead choose to be their armor bearers.

According to Terry Nance in his book God’s Armor Bearer, Volume 1 & 2, being an armor bearer is not a stepping stone position, but one of devotion and heartfelt loyalty.  The duty is about defending your minister, helping him in his endless duties with whatever he needs no matter how menial, expecting no reward and remaining humble in his service.  Sometimes ministers have needs away from the church, an armor bearer helps with these needs as well.  It may also mean letting your minister get the glory for what you did, and that is okay.  It’s not about being out front.

Being a minister can be a difficult position.  Instead of waiting for your minister to solve all the church’s problems, join me in my decision to be an armor bearer.  God bless you!