“May I never forget all the good things he has done for me” ( Psalm 103:2).

This morning I’m counting my blessings.  There are so many good things to share.  My son sent me a text. My daughter is graduating from nursing school tomorrow.  I used the treadmill at the gym three days last week and I lost a pound.  I drank my water consistently.  I spent some time with a dear friend and her beautiful daughter last week.  My father-in-law is on the mend. I slept in this weekend with my husband, then he cooked me the most incredible meal.  I am looking forward to a accomplishing a lot at work this week.

While my list may not seem that spectacular or impressive, it is the little things in life that we look back on with fond memories.  Every day may not be a good day, but try to find some good in every day to enjoy.  If you can’t find anything, make a good moment.  Go for a walk outside.  Visit someone who is sick or in a nursing home.  Enjoy an ice cream cone.  Read a book.  Dance.  Focusing on all the bad and all that is wrong will only make you bitter and lonely. While pain and suffering may slow you down. It doesn’t have to stop you.  Every day holds a new promise for happiness and joy.  Now, that is something good!

Join me today in being happy about the good moments!  God bless you.


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