“Refuse to let the world corrupt you” (James 1:27).

This week has been very busy.  The last two days I was traveling short distances for all day training. Also, I’m pleased to announce my daughter graduated from nursing school with her LPN on Tuesday, so I missed a post.  Today I am back on track with a “two for one”.

First, at my daughter’s graduation it was refreshing to not only hear a prayer at the beginning of the ceremony, but to also hear inspirational words from one of the instructors.  This certainly goes against the grain of the direction the world has been taking.  While the instructor was aiming the comments to the graduates, there were many people listening who also received a good feeling.  Usually Christians are stifled to avoid stepping on the toes of other religions.  This instructor was brave and using her gifts to change the world in a positive, nonthreatening way.

Yesterday, in my exhaustion my mind began to play tricks on me. It appeared that some people I know were snubbing or avoiding me after I had extended what I perceived to be a kind welcome.   There was clearly something going on all day and the people I was traveling with also noticed. I went through the a brain file of scenarios, still trying to be kind to these people.  It caused me great stress.  Then it occurred to me that this was a petty waste of time. I asked for forgiveness and prayed for the ones I perceived as doing me wrong.  Last night my husband concurred instructing me not to even think of it.  It is easy to judge people by how we would handle a situation.  However, it is not our place to judge. Thank God because I clearly had a one-sided perception. I never behaved in any way except very kindly to these folks, but my thinking would eventually make me bitter.  So, today I forgive myself and God to do the same.

Take a moment and share your “use your gifts to change the world” and “forgiveness” stories.  God bless you.



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