“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.”  1 Peter 4:8

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today let’s talk about love.  I think many people have the wrong idea about romantic love.  I hear single people talk about going out to find someone to “hook up with”.   Then, there are the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, which I refuse to watch because marriage should not be entered into casually or as part of reality television.  Yes, it is important to be attracted to our partners.  That is what brings us together and keeps our attention.  However, liking the person, and having common interests and beliefs is equally as important. Finally, when each partner has a strong relationship with God, their relationship with each other with be stronger.

Love is caring more about your partner’s happiness and comfort than you care about your own. My husband is the perfect example.  Last night I was feeling tired and achey after work, and he cooked dinner and prepared a special dish for me to take to a potluck at work.  He never mentioned how tired he was.  He just brought me a glass of water and said, “you just rest”.

Love is taking care of each other.  A couple of weeks ago my father-in-law had heart surgery, my mother in-law sat tirelessly in the hospital ready to help as much as possible.  She never thought of herself.  She just wanted to take care of her husband. He would do the same for her.

Love is being a team for your family.  This means sharing family chores and household responsibilities. Sometimes one partner will do more.  Then, it might switch as the couple compliments each other in team work.  It also means helping with extended family members and functions.

Love is forgiving each other and not holding a grudge.  This can be difficult, but true love never holds a grudge and wants the other person to be happy above their own happiness.  It is also important to avoid bringing up past issues in arguments.  Sometimes people disagree, but love is about compromise.

Love is about enduring pain to ease the pain of another.  Have you ever tried to hide your pain to protect your partner.  I’ve done this.

Love is being loyal and trusting.  Whenever I first married my husband, I said something about him and his grandmother was quick to stop me.  I remember that day as if were yesterday.  Never speak negatively about each other.  Hold each other close and trust.

Love is knowing when to hold your tongue.  Everybody has bad days.  When you love someone, you avoid picking a fight.  Sometimes silence can be perfect.

Love is understanding that everyone needs time to their self or with friends away from you, but knowing they miss you and think of you often even when away.

Love is understanding it isn’t necessary to be right.  You can always be right silently, but being right isn’t always worth it.

Love is growing old together.  Youth is beautiful, but we all grow old.  Love accepts the changes of life and accepts you as if you were still young.

Love is enjoying each other’s company without speaking.  When my husband and I were dating, silence was uncomfortable.  Now that we have been married nearly thirty years we can enjoy each other’s company in silence.

Love is about growing and changing at different rates, but always together.  It sometimes has seemed as if only one of us is growing, and then the other will grow even more.  When you grow together you might find that you finish each other’s sentences and know each other’s thoughts.

Romantic love is wonderful.  It’s a passionate love that sees beyond itself.

These are a few of my ideas about love.  I can’t wait to hear yours.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Remember and celebrate the love of your life!  God Bless you!




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