“Be the Light.”  Matthew 5:14

It’s Monday and time to share something good to get the week started right.  For me it’s a Monday go-to-meeting day.  So what is good about that? Well, I don’t have to worry no matter who I’m meeting with because God is by my side, and I get a break from paperwork to listen to the ideas of others.  Also, on Mondays I’m more focused because I’m more aware of my projects and deadlines.  Many times later in the week, I’m tired and just trying to finish my work while looking forward to the weekend.  This week I feel more rested than usual after a short illness and rest.

For those of you who are unaware, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are next week.  Ash Wednesday is the onset of Lent.  For my family Lent is not so much about what you give up, but meditation on the life of Christ and inward reflection of our lives.  We usually give up something that we feel like we cannot live without and add something like an extra Bible study or reading a related book to remind us, and keep us focused and aware of the sacrifices Christ made for us. Jesus taught that with fasting we should not make ourselves look miserable. The same is true during Lent. Lent will be a topic for discussion over the next few weeks.  I look forward to reading about your experiences and traditions.

Join me in starting this week off right!  God bless you.


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