“The Lord is on my side.  I will not fear.”  Psalm 118:6

It’s Wednesday and time to make positive change in the world.

Have you ever left a room and felt the stares and knew that people were talking about you?  Do you gossip about others?  Proverbs 15:4 tells us that gentle words bring life and harsh words crush the spirit, which you know if you have been on the receiving end of judgement and gossip. Have you ever noticed how many verses in the Bible are about the tongue?  James 3:5 tells us that although the tongue is very small the damage it does is great. It’s for this reason that we need to be mindful of what we say and how we say it.  I know sometimes I mean well, but when the words leave my mouth . . . let’s just say the reactions I receive do not match my intentions.  Taking this a little further, we should try to see the positive aspects in people rather than only noticing the negative.  This will help calm our tongues.  Finally, try to to bond by participating in a common activity or doing something nice for the people that you have negative thoughts about.

We cannot control what others say and do, but we can control ourselves.  So join me today in making a difference in the world by controlling your thoughts and tongue.  God bless you.


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