“Always pray and never give up.” Luke 18:1

It’s forgiveness Thursday.  Have you ever sought justice and repeatedly hit roadblocks?  If so, I have some news for you.  So, forgive all parties involved and continue reading.

I’ve been studying the parables and today the parable of the persistent widow comes to mind (Luke 18:1-8).  Parables are tricky, but I am going to attempt to explain this one.  If you have a different opinion or would like to add something, please share.  There was a poor widow who had limited resources and someone took advantage of her.  It appears as though the other party was very selfish.  We can only consider who the other party was, but it makes sense that it was someone in a position of trust who could profit from taking advantage of her vulnerability, like maybe an executor of her husband’s estate.  After suffering through this person’s unfair treatment, she decided  to go to court to seek assistance. The irreverent judge saw that the widow could not offer a bribe for a favorable ruling, so he ruled against her.  Of course, she was sad, but she was persistent and decided to go back to court.  The judge decided on the case the same way, but she didn’t give up.  She repeatedly went back before the judge and repeatedly the judge decided the same.  Finally, the judge, tired of the aggravation, ruled in favor of the widow.

The parable teaches persistent prayer and action.  It is uplifting and provides encouragement. It seems like Jesus was saying “don’t worry about what others say or do, just pesevere.”

So, today join me in having the courage to persevere.  God bless you.


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