Let your light shine before others.  – Matthew 5:16

Its Monday and time to share something good and count our blessings.  I was glad to meet some deadlines last week at work, and I’m looking forward to a good week.  I wasn’t feeling my best over the weekend, but the weather was good.  So, I was able to sit outside and read.  There was a cool breeze and not a cloud in the sky – beautiful.  I also watched a movie with my husband. Then last night my husband cooked a nice dinner for us.  Remember some of the best things to share aren’t expensive gifts but special moments.

Today, we are also gearing up for Lent. Tomorrow is what we call Shrove Tuesday.  Sometimes it is called Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras Day. At our church the youth sell tickets for a pancake supper. The idea is one of self-indulgence before self-denial.  Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. So, over the next few weeks I will be sharing information about Lent.  I hope you will share your experiences and traditions.

As you start your day, count your blessings and share something good!  God bless you.


2 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good Monday – Let Your Light Shine

  1. One of my greatest blessings is listening each day to Daily Audio Bible. Brian reads the Bible through in one year and has been doing this for years. It is so relaxing to lay back and hear him read from the Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms. Then he prays.

    I’m grateful my husband and granddaughter drove home safely from home, Kelowna, BC, to Lethbridge, Alberta and back again. It is dangerous driving in Canada in the winter and spring.

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