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Accept Your Gifts and Thank God!

Trust in the Lord Always, for the Lord God is the eternal rock.  Isaiah 26:4

A sweet friend shared this story with me today.  —

I was so confused that I couldn’t separate my thoughts. I needed a car. Mine was on it’s last leg and I needed a way to commute to work and take my children to school.  I prayed “Lord, if it’s meant to be, please let it work out.”  Two days later my friend introduced me to someone at a local dealership that was trying to help me, but my other friends all told me it was a bad idea.  The friend that told me about the dealership prayed with me over lunch saying, “Lord please give us a sign before we arrive if it is not a good idea.”  We arrived with no sign.  She dropped me off and the salesman started the paperwork.  While he was out of the office, I began looking up information on the Internet.  I was typing frantically when I heard someone call my name.  I looked around.  No one was there.  I went into the showroom asked the salesman if he needed something, but he said he didn’t call me. So, I said, “okay God, I’m leaving it in your hands.”  A few minutes later the price was reduced by $2,000 without me asking.  A few months ago when I visited my sister’s church the pastor came up to me and said “I don’t know what you are worrying about, but God told me to tell you that he’s got you.” I’m so happy that God is by my side.

–God bless you Ashley for sharing your story for the world to read.  Keep the faith!


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