When I am afraid I put my trust in you.                                    Psalm 56:3

Happy Tuesday!  It’s time to try something new. I don’t know if you have ever thought about it, but we are always making choices.  Every day we make decisions that affect of lives and the lives of those around us.  While it is true that you cannot make everyone happy, sometimes we need to stop and evaluate our happiness.  I know from personal experience that there have been times that I was so busy chasing success, that I missed important moments at home.  There are other things that might affect quality of life.  For example, I have heard people say that they moved to a large City so that their family would have more opportunities.  However, I have heard complaints about long commutes, long work hours and traffic that keeps them away from those they love.  I personally enjoy being five minutes from home.  It’s not the life for everyone, though.  Also, sometimes their children were introduced to drugs and alternative lifestyles.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor and I realize that I need to make some changes in my lifestyle.  So, I’m going to try some suggestions.  First, my stretching program was just not working out for me.  My neck and back were hurting quite a bit and my mobility was effected. It might be good for some, but not me.  So I visited a site called GAIA,  they also have an app.  While I don’t agree with everything on the site, I did find a gentle stretching routine that helped me get a good night’s sleep.  Also, a health care professional recommended I try the Paleo Diet, it’s based on cave men food.  The thought makes me laugh a little. So, I will continue with Weight Watchers, while eating the Paleo Diet for health reasons.  Finally, as my doctor injected each knee with cortisone, he told me that I shouldn’t use the treadmill anymore.  Well, I do not like not being able to the simplest of tasks that others do.  Yet, I know that he is right, and who knows, I might be up and on the treadmill again soon.

The point is we all make decisions, but don’t be so rigid that you can’t evaluate your circumstances and try something new.  God bless you!


3 thoughts on “Try Something New Tuesday – Always Be Open to Making Quality of Life Changes

  1. I’ve tried different ways of exercising through my life. Before I got fibromyalgia I liked aerobics and step-aerobics. After i got sick I bought a treadmill and walked inside and outside. Started Yoga from a videotape but the stretching left me with pain. I had to stop all the walking, my legs got too weak.

    I dont exercise now. I need all my energy to clean house and cook. So, yes we all have to adjust as our bodies age and change. I remember the day I decided to quit walking every day. I lay down on my bed and sighed with delicious pleasure! Lol

    1. I use to enjoy aerobics, weight lifting , swimming, etc. Well the stretches really helped.the stiffness in my back and neck, but they were gentle stretches. Not anything as strenuous as yoga. But I certainly do know what you mean.

  2. Thanks for coming over to my site. Yes. We have to be willing to make changes to improve our lives. As an old slimming world consultant used to say, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Good luck with the changes you need to make.

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