Before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvelous grace..         Galatians 1:15

It’s Forgiveness Thursday already.  I can hardly believe how fast this week is flying by.

With Easter approaching I am more aware of Christ’s sacrifices for us.   It is hard to grasp the pain and suffering that Jesus went through during his Crucifixion.  His sacrifices changed the way we worship today.  It also means that each new day brings with it new opportunities to be forgiven and to forgive others.  So, we should remember every day that we are loved, and when we repent and have faith, we can be forgiven.  On the other hand, every day we should wake up with a forgiving heart letting go of pain and grudges.

Coming Soon!  There are some new surprises coming to this blog.  I’m partnering with Kelsey Escoriaza, who has the YouTube video series called ESCORIAZACLAN.  Her series is about her journey to conceive and have a baby.  You can watch Kelsey at the following link:  Our video series will be about Bible Stories, lessons, trivia, and application in our lives in 2017.   It’s a light-hearted educational series for everyone, especially teens.  Our plans are to release the videos this week or next.  Once released on You Tube, I will include the videos on the blog.  So be looking out for:


I hope you have a wonderful day.  God bless you!









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