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Tell Me Something Good Monday: Live It!

Set your mind on all things above.  Colossians 3:2

Happy Monday!  Today provides promises for great things to come.  As you go through the day, remember that you can help others by living what you believe.  Someone is always watching, so try to live by example.  This can be harder than we’d like to believe, because nobody is perfect.  So, this challenge is good for us and helps others, too.  If you encounter difficulties, ask God to help you.  Building your relationship with God will help you in whatever you do.

This morning I would like to share something good.  When something isn’t working for whatever reason, it is a good to try something new.  Sometimes we do this on our own, and sometimes we are led.  A couple of weeks ago I broke down and bought an Apple Watch. I had been wanting one since they were first introduced a few years ago, but I didn’t want to spend the money.  Add to that, I was watching television one morning and heard the Apple Watch was a waste of money.  The day the new model came out, I decided I would give the watch a try. I was most excited about it being waterproof, because I often work outdoors and I like to swim.  However, this watch was good for me in other ways.  I didn’t realize how beneficial the watch would be for my health.  It’s like having an office assistant and a health coach on my arm.  I receive reminders on when to stand, when to meditate, when to breathe slowly and lower my pulse, when to enter my meals and snacks, when to go to bed, and a map of where I have been walking.  I am able to see my texts, emails, to do list, calendar, the weather report, keep up with news, and view my apps.  I’m sure there is much more that I haven’t even discovered yet.  My favorite app that may even work separately from the watch is called Lark, which is an interactive health coach.  Everyone needs different tools, but so far this has been working for me.  I lost five pounds last week, moved more, slept better and ate healthier.  This is good news for someone who encounters physical challenges with exercise.  So, if nothing else seems to be working for you, try the Lark app and maybe even the Apple Watch.  Let me know if you like it or if you already using the app and/or phone.

I look forward to hearing your “something good” stories!  God bless you.


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