Beauty for ashes. — Isaiah 61:3

It’s  Forgiveness  Thursday and the week is coming to a close.  However, the truth is when we practice forgiveness, every day is a new beginning.  Sometimes forgiveness means that after we ask God for forgiveness, we also need to  ask for forgiveness publicly from the person or people we have wronged.  I know it sounds difficult and like there could be great losses,  but I promise that you will feel better about yourself and you will feel like a heavy burden has been lifted.  In fact, you will feel closer to God.  It will also let the other person or people know that you are serious.  It speaks a great deal about your character.

So, if you have wronged another person, ask God for forgiveness, but publicly ask for forgiveness from the person who was wronged. Please share your stories.  God bless you.

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