You are loved forever.   – Romans 8:38-39

Happy Friday!  Many of you are thinking “woohoo”; others are counting the days.  Either way we can all spread the love.

Sometimes spreading the love starts with giving ourselves a big hug and a little special time or pampering.  I always feel guilty whenever I do this, but I shouldn’t, nor should you.  If we are feeling worn down and exhausted, it is difficult to help others effectively.  You see whenever we are completely drained, we may become emotional, grouchy, and quick to be snappy with others, despite our good intentions.  Unfortunately, we are judged by the very ones we would like to help.  Whenever we take time to refresh our bodies, minds and souls, we can be more effective in helping others.

So, today give yourself a big hug.  Then, spread the love and change the world.  God bless you.

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