It’s Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week.  So, what does that mean?  To me it is a great celebration before a storm.  It also is a lesson in human nature and thinking.

Let’s go back in time for a moment.  During the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Jews would travel to Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Holiday with the first day being the Feast of Passover.  Jesus was a good Jew and also traveled for the celebration.  However, he had just performed several miracles, including the raising of Lazarus from the dead only a few days prior to his arrival.  Over time the Jewish priests and leaders had created laws based on traditions.  Many of these traditions  Jesus refused to follow, which angered the priests. They didn’t believe Jesus was the King of the Jews.  The priests were afraid of losing power and were seeking the death of Jesus.

Jerusalem was under the peaceful rule of the Roman Military or the “Pax Romona”.  However, many Jews wanted to take back Jerusalem under Jewish Leadership.  Jesus had proclaimed himself the King of the Jews and performed many miracles.  So, Jews traveled in thinking Jesus had arrived to deliver them from Roman rule.  Jesus was well-known upon his arrival and was quite controversial.

On Palm Sunday Jews lined the streets waving palm branches and throwing down their cloaks and palm branches on the road before Jesus. It was a great celebration.  However, they were surprised to see the King of the Jews riding in on a donkey, rather than a white stallion to deliver them from the Romans.  They were expecting a worldly King.  Only days later Jesus would  be tried illegally six times in one day and condemned by the Jews, not the Roman government.

Holy Week is a reminder of the last days Jesus spent on earth with Easter being the celebration of the resurrection and continuation of the Christian Church.  Sometimes shortsightedness gets in our way of understanding what we need to believe in faith.  Jesus is the King of Peace.  He took on all the sins of the world with his death.  All we have to do is have faith.

Join me today me today in having faith.  God bless you.




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