As a deer longs for streams of water so my soul longs for you O God.  Psalm 12:1

Happy Monday.  I leave for New York in just a couple of weeks and I couldn’t possibly by more busy at work and at home.  I try not to think of it too much, because I know I will become overwhelmed.  I’ve already been fighting extreme fatigue and illnesses, and I don’t need extra hours of work before the trip,  The trip itself will most likely wipe me out.  I remind myself of Rabbit in the Winnie the Pooh stories.

Ever notice how Jesus always seems calm in the Bible.  He never becomes flustered.  He is never in a rush, and he always gets everything done with time to spare.  For example, when Jesus was on his way to save Jairus’s 12 year old daughter who was dying, the woman with the issue of blood touched his garment.  She had suffered great pain and medical treatments in the Talmud for a long time and needed healing, as well.  Jesus did not say, “I’m sorry ma’am I can’t help you right now this child is dying.”  He finds time to help the woman and brings the child back to life.  Jesus always relied on God to help him accomplish everything at the right time.  This brings me hope.

So, if you have too much to do with many deadlines, join me in remaining calm and trusting God to help you.  God bless you.

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