With his love he will calm all your fears.  Zephaniah 3:17

It’s Try Something New Tuesday!  Has anyone ever tried your patience to the point that you can’t hold your tongue?  I have been encountering this with a local store.  At first I thought they were the cat’s meow, but everyone else must have thought that too, because they have become beyond busy.  Several times I have been there recently and my order wasn’t ready.  Friday I went by to pick up my order and it wasn’t ready, but I was promised that it would be ready by Monday.  Last night I stopped by on my way home.  There was a long line.  I have been suffering from a stomach virus the last few days and by the time I made it to the front of the line there were issues with my order. I calmly told the lady, I’m not feeling well. She went back and forth with one of the managers.  Finally, I said “I’m in a cold sweat and I feel like I’m going to throw up.”  She turned around to her supervisor and said “can I take my break now?”  So, he took over and asked me if I was also picking up another person’s order, who I had never heard of.  He was moving at lightning speed, but was continuously messing up.  It wasn’t very funny last night, but today I chuckle.

I relize now that I should have stepped back and taken a deep breath, and maybe counted to ten. Also, my friend suggested that I keep a trinket that reminds me of something good in my pocket.  Then, whenever I get stressed, I can rub the trinket to calm myself.  Ultimately if the situation doesn’t get better, I might need to change stores.  The worst thing to do is to behave unchristian like. The best thing to is pray for the person waiting on you.  I look forward to your suggestions.

Join me today in displaying a calm Christian attitude everywhere we go.  God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Try Something New Tuesday – Find Your Calm Place

  1. I think of these things as being learning experiences. I got very angry once at a store because even though the jeans I bought for my daughter fell apart in the washing machine, they would not take them back. They said the best they could do was take mine and give me a pair of the SAME jeans again. Lol

    I actually threw the jeans down on the counter and said, “I don’t want these kind of jeans.” Well, when I was back in my car, the Lord impressed me I had sinned. I had to go back and apologize, which was good for me.

    Now, when I’m mad about anything, I pray, “God, don’t let me lose my temper.” over and over, and I don’t lose my temper. Although, I will say that doesn’t always work with my husband, but it usually does. Lol

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