By his amazing grace I am saved.  Ephesians 2:8

Happy Saturday!  Have you ever wondered why God’s chosen people, the Jews, were so adamant about the execution of Jesus, God’s only son?  Even when the Romans did not find any fault with Jesus, why did the Jews choose to release a criminal and execute Jesus, who was without sin?

Jesus challenged the ideas and traditions of the Jews.  The Jews were anticipating an earthly King, rather than the King of peace.  This is apparent when Jesus arrived on Palm Sunday on the back of a gentle donkey.  The people expecting an earthly King riding in on a white stallion, threw their cloaks and palms down for Jesus to ride over.  Also, when Mary anointed the head of Jesus in preparation for his death, Judas became angry because he believed he would be ruling over an area of the earth unde Jesus. His greedy and dishonest nature as it pertained to money led to Judas, in the role of ministry treasurer, stealing from Jesus and ultimately led to his betrayal of Jesus.

At least twice Jesus over turned the money changers and cleansed the temple,  which upset the Jewish priests.  The Jewish priests had turned the Jewish traditions into a money-making venture, which limited access to all and allowed for big profits for some.  The temple’s intended purpose was the worship of God.

Several times Jesus healed people on Sunday.  The Jewish priests believed no wok should be done on Sunday because it was God’s day of rest.  They misunderstood.  God wanted people to take time to rest, but never intended for important work to stop (e.g. healing the sick, etc.) because of the day of the week.  The Jews also had other traditions that were a hardship on people.  One was ritualistic washing before meals regardless of far away one was from water.  Some of the methods for healing women with issues, like the woman with blood had, were superstitions that were not useful and often humiliating.   Jesus upturned th apple cart by not following their traditions.  The problem was that overtime the original laws had been expanded on by many traditions that moved away from the original purpose.  So, the Priests were angry and wanted the source of the changes murdered.  With the murdering of Jesus, all areas of the temple became open to all.

Have you ever resisted change?  I know I have.  Change is sometimes good.  Join me in welcoming the opportunity for change.  God bless you.

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