Tears are prayers too.  They travel to God when we can’t speak.    Psalm 56:8

It’s Try Something New Tuesday! Every day I am fortunate enough to be provided names to keep in prayer.  This morning I decided that I would like to begin keeping a prayer journal.  Nothing too fancy, just a small notebook that I can keep with me at all times and jot down names, notes and dates.  I like to doodle, so that will most likely be in my journal, because it will reflect me.  The purpose is to be able to write down the names of all the people I’m praying for so I don’t forget anyone, while also providing a record of people that I need to follow up with. I also think others will trust me more and take me a little more seriously when they see me write down their names in a book.  Finally, it will be a great witnessing tool.

Kicking it up a notch, I’m going to add a Bible verse by every name, so that when I remember the person in prayer, and I can pray the scriptures.  I imagine I will also learn scriptures as I go.

Enjoy your Tuesday and let me know what you are trying!  God bless you!


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