You will shine like stars in the sky.   Philippians 2:15

Happy Monday!  It’s time to share something good.  Over the weekend my oldest child visited us.  I enjoyed breakfast after church yesterday with some special friends, and I leave for New York City in just four days.  So many exciting things to share.  I hope you will share some good things in your life.

Jesus taught with parables.  Thank goodness my boss doesn’t do that.  A parable is a story that has a deeper meaning about a truth.  If you like puzzles, parables are for you!  On the next episode of Dat God Chat, Kelsey and I are going to talk about the Prodigal Son. If you haven’t read the story, read Luke 15 and let me know who you think the prodigal son is.  Is it the younger son or is it the older son?   Please provide comments and let us know what you think

Have a super Monday!  God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good Monday – It’s All Good!

  1. My youngest granddaughter came into town to visit for two weeks. She went shopping for groceries for me because I find it hard with my fibromyalgia. It is wonderful to see her again.

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