The Lord is on my side, I will not fear.    Psalm 118:6

Happy Thursday!  Wow!  The time is just flying this week.  It’s almost Friday.  Tomorrow at that this time I will be traveling to the airport.  I had planned to create my postings for next week in advance, but please forgive me.  I’m not sure if I procrastinated or just didn’t get around to it.  As I typed that last sentence, all I could think of was those little coins called “a round tuit”.  Anyway, I will try to send some photos and updates throughout the week, along with some uplifting comments.  I’m sure the trip will be very rewarding professionally and personally, but I’m anticipating missing my husband.  So, please forgive me if I include a personal note to him in my blogs.

I have been trying to give up the very bad habit of worrying, and I would say I’m about 90 percent improved.  However, I had a paper that I wrote for school a few weeks back that I just couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around.  Last night I received my grade via email.  I am happy to announce a perfect score and a positive comment on content.  I don’t know if I have ever had a perfect score on a six page essay.  This is truly exciting for me.  My new friend, Jeanne, told me that I have a good co-pilot. She is right!  Whenever we trust God, we don’t ever have to worry, and we shouldn’t.  So I’m asking for forgiveness for many things this morning, and I’m forgiving myself.

So, join me today in forgiving yourself, me and others, and over the next week join me on my journey to the Big Apple with my co-pilot, God.  God bless you!

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