You are loved forever.  Romans 8:38-39

Happy Wednesday!  Today is my last morning waking up in New York. While I enjoyed the visit, I’m anxious to see my family.  I had a story from two days ago I wanted to share.  It was totally unexpected.

Have you ever felt pulled in one direction or felt like you were lacking direction?  I certainly have.  I feel like God has been calling me into the ministry for a while now.  So, I have been moving in that direction, including studying for my PhD in Theology.  Yet, I have felt like I might be used in a hospice-like setting, or something to do with writing.  While waiting to go into the restroom, a very nice lady standing behind me in line began talking to me.  I’m not sure how it came up, but she was telling me about her experiences working with hospice.  Much like a cliff hanger, she told me the beginning of an end-of-life story and then it was my turn to go into the stall.  I said casually, “I’ll have to hear more later” as I was leaving her.  Whenever I came out of the restroom, I stepped down the hall to a quiet place to call my staff.  As soon as I began to enter the numbers, I heard “you wanted to hear more didn’t you?”  I smiled and began to listen.

The very kind lady told me a story of a man dying.  She said often when people die they take a breath and stop breathing, and then they might gasp for air.  Apparently they do this repeatedly at the end.  This man stopped breathing for a couple of minutes and then said without gasping, “awe that’s sweet that you saw your daddy riding to heaven on a white horse.”  She told me that when her father had died several years before, she had dreamed he rode to heaven on a white horse.  Thinking the dream was ridiculous, she had not told anyone.  Before the man died, he said “the veil is thin and it is beautiful.  She went on to tell me several more stories, all ending with “the veil is thin and it is beautiful”.  Then, she said “you should work with hospice”.  I hugged her, exchanged cards and said goodbye.  I briefly looked down to call the office, but when I looked up again she was gone.  I was touched by the story and felt it to be from God.

I don’t know whether the woman was an angel, or if she was simply and unknowingly delivering a heaven-sent message.  God uses us when don’t even know it.  So, if you are feeling the need to share something with someone, do it.  God bless you!

5 thoughts on “Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Listen to Angels

  1. I absolutely believe that we all have divine gifts, and the first challenge is to discover them. Sharing them to help others is how we change the world, and fulfill our purpose.

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