Refuse to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

Happy Monday!  It’s a great time to share something good and I hope you will.  I have quite a bit to share.  The last four days I have relaxed and spent time with my family.  I took some time to prop up my legs and read.  Most of the swelling in my legs is gone.  I was able to visit with my parents and in-laws, enjoyed church with my church family, and spent time with my husband, children and grandson.  Family is such a wonderful blessing.  My husband and I also enjoyed the movie Passengers, which really made me think about how important people are to each other.

While people are important to each other, sometimes people with different belief systems can really bring each other down.  Different is not necessarily wrong.  Different is just different.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of a lack of compatibility or a different level of maturity, or just life’s experiences.  The best thing to do is build up others.  Life’s situations change us, but they don’t have to change what we hold true.  Avoid envy and spiteful talk, and trust God.  The times we feel we are at the end of our rope are often the times we are growing and learning.

So, today I encourage you to build others up with your words and actions.  God bless you.

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