She laughs.  Proverbs 31:25

Good Morning!  It’s Try Something New Tuesday.  Yesterday was my first day back at work in the throws of a flare. I feel like it should be Forgiveness Tuesday. I certainly need to ask and have asked for forgiveness.  On top of that, I fought the devil in my sleep.

My husband has been reading one of Joyce Meyer’s books.  I regret to say that I’m not sure which one for we have read and have reread most of her books.  If anyone knows, please respond, and I will ask tonight and let you know.  Last night he was telling me that according to Joyce, pain and stress cause our bodies to create cortisol, but laughter creates dopamine.  He went on to explain that Joyce’s husband Dave starts his day thinking of fifteen things to laugh about.  Well, when he told that I said, “Honey, I can’t even think of one this morning.”  That’s when he explained to me that Joyce was a more serious person, and she tried to think of five.  This is a great idea!

So, I decided I would try to think of between five and fifteen things every morning and then reflect on them throughout the day.  Let’s build upon this idea and think of funny things to share with each other to help reduce each other’s stress and cortisol levels.

My seven funny things for today.

  1.  When my oldest child was in kindergarten and he used to act like the character Bernie from the movie Weekend At Bernie’s
  2. Stories my friend from work tells me about her daughters.
  3. Funny sayings my husband’s grandmother used to say to me (i.e. Eyebriars).
  4. Funny situations at work.
  5. The time I was driving down the road and two turkeys were running towards me.
  6. Another time I was driving down the road an alligator was crossing ahead of me.
  7. Thinking of the time I was leading a meeting and went to sit down, but fell flat on the floor.

Funny stories for my staff.

  1.  The funny story I mentioned above about me falling in the meeting.
  2. Stories we have shared about pets.
  3. Stories we have shared about children.
  4. Situational stories from work.
  5. Travel stories.

I am smiling now.  Give it a try and be sure to share!  God bless you!


The book mentioned above is Living Beyond Your Feelings (Faith Words Hachette Book Group, 2011).

2 thoughts on “Try Something New Tuesday – Laughter is the Best Medicine

  1. It is good to laugh. Sometimes, in the evening I will watch videos on youtube that have babies or animals in them. These always make me laugh. Babies and pets are so innocent. It is a good idea to think of funny things that have happened. My family usually does that when we get together.

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