Spread the Love Friday – Remember Everyone

Do not pass by a man in need for you might the be Hand of God to him.     Proverbs 3:27

Good morning and happy Friday!  When you spread the love and your happiness today, remember people outside your circle.

Every morning when I drive up to my job a trustee from the local jail yells out a few words to me (i e. Good morning, have a good day, etc.).  While I’m very careful of any safety concerns, I speak to him every day.  It occurred to me the very first day he spoke to me that I could be the example of love, happiness and God that he needs in his life.  Everywhere we go there are people like this.  Some we may not even recognize.  So it’s important to be a Christian who is cautious but is always spreading the word.  Also remember whatever you do, do it with a good heart.  The Bible says to “[k]eep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:22).  When you do the right things for the wrong reasons, it isn’t pleasing to God.

Join me today in spreading God’s love with a pure heart.  God bless you.


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