His mercies are new every morning.   Lamentation 3:23

It’s Thursday and a great day to forgive yourself and others.  Forgiveness frees your soul and prevents hardening of the heart that comes from bitterness.

Have you ever thought about how some people seem to go through one horrible circumstance after another, while others just seem to glide through life?  I can identify with the first. I recently purchased a book from Shelina Baxter, a local writer, but didn’t get around to reading it until yesterday.  Shelina’s book Overcoming the Strongholds within Me touched my soul.  This sweet girl has endured one horrible event after another.  The enemy certainly seems to attack those who have a special calling or who are working for the Lord.  We don’t have to let him slow us down.  If you feel like you are under attack, firmly tell Satan to leave you alone and thank God in prayer.  Be sure to ask for forgiveness of your sins and forgive others.

Have a wonderful Thursday!  God bless you!

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