Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you!  Psalm 63:3

Praise the Lord it’s Sunday!  Yesterday, I was able to spend time with my daughter and grandson.  During the visit my daughter was playing a game with my grandson in the swimming pool.  She was teasing him saying “I’m going to get Bebaws”.  Bebaws is the special name he calls me.  Suddenly, he started swimming frantically, telling his mother, “no Ma! that’s my Bebaws!”  So sweet!  Our children and grandchildren are such a blessing to us.  They restore us when we feel beaten down.

Our sweet Lord walks with us every day too.  It’s a nice feeling to know he is always with us and we are never alone.  This morning I have been thinking of all the ways we can praise God.  It’s an unending list, but I thought I would give you a few ideas.  Please expand the list with your ideas.  Let’s try to come up with at least 100 ways!

  1. Going to Church for fellowship and education
  2. Tithing
  3. Being a part of the Helps Ministry in your Church
  4. Participating in a mission
  5. Doing the best you can in all you do
  6. Singing songs of praise and worship
  7. Sitting quietly and meditating on his word
  8. Reading and studying your Bible
  9. Serving others
  10. Praying
  11. Sharing God’s love
  12. Creating
  13. Thanking God
  14. Comforting people in need
  15. Displaying a giving heart
  16. Paying it forward
  17. Being a good listener
  18. Using Your Gifts to show your praise (artistic, musical, crafts, etc.)
  19.  Trusting God
  20. Living a Christian life
  21. Sharing through your blog
  22. Writing about God

As you go through your day and week, I challenge you to praise God in everything you do.  God bless you.

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