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Tell Me Something Good Monday – His Mercies Endure Forever

Have you ever wondered how you will know when God is speaking to you or what he is saying? Have you ever felt like God was talking to you, but you weren't sure? . . .

Future generations will hear of the wonders of the Lord.    Psalm 22:30

It’s Tell Me Something Good Monday and Memorial Day here in the United States of America.  So, I would like to start the day by remembering all of those who serve and have served our country, and especially those who gave their lives for American citizens.  I would also like to remember their families.  I can’t even imagine their pain and sacrifices.

I have some good news today.  Mark 11:24 says whatever we ask for in prayer, if we believe, we will receive it.   Have you ever wondered how you will know when God is speaking to you or what he is saying?  Have you ever felt like God was talking to you, but you weren’t sure?  Here are a few things to ask yourself.

  1.  Did you receive an answer while studying the Bible or during prayer?  If you would like to hear God more clearly, spend more time talking with him and studying his word.
  2. Does the answer you received align with what the Bible teaches?  The voice of God will never contradict his word.
  3. Have you heard the answer more than once?  Usually God doesn’t just tell us once.
  4. Does the answer involve taking a step of faith?  God wants us to believe and take risks to grow.
  5. Do you have a desire to follow what you have heard that grows stronger with time?  If God is speaking to you and you are spending time with him daily, you will feel compelled to follow his voice because you love him.

If you have more, please add them.  God has wonderful plans for all of us.  Spend time with him every day and you will grow closer to him.  The more time I spend with God, the more clearly I hear his voice.  God bless you.


  1. I just started reading the bible. I started to read the chapter of Mathew. I encourge the millenials to take time to read his words rather than using up all their time on social medias… IG, FB, Twitter etc.. Indeed God is amazing. His words are what we need. I feel he is talking to me each time I read a chapter. And yes, he don’t just say an answer once but many times. Amen. 😍

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