When I wait, you strengthen my heart.    Psalm 27:14

Good morning!  Happy Tuesday.  I hope you have some new ideas to try.

Have you ever been tired all day only to toss and turn at night?  That was me yesterday and last night.  I could hardly stay awake all day.  Then, I had a sudden burst of energy at 10 p.m.  I tried everything, but I couldn’t sleep.  God has been dealing with me on a few things and I just had to work through them.  I sang hymns, prayed, counted my blessings, and thanked God.  Finally,  at 1:30 I dozed off.  I overslept this morning, but my answer came to me in my sleep.  Despite my exhaustion I feel relief.  It’s like that sometimes.  Whenever I got still and listened the answer came.

So today while I’m trying to stay awake, I challenge you to be still and listen.  He will answer you.  God bless you.

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