Grace upon grace.   John 1:16

It’s Forgiveness Thursday!  Isn’t it great to have the opportunity to forgive yourself and others, and be able to be forgiven by God!

Last night we had a little stormy weather.  It’s really not that uncommon this time of year when the temperatures are high.  However, this time the power went out. Most people would probably sleep right through the incident, but our dogs kept us up.  Our aging Shih Tzu, Freckles, couldn’t find his way back to bed, and our Harlequin Great Dane, Singer was afraid.  All of this took place about 1:30 a.m.  We finally got everyone settled down and went back to sleep only to be reawakened at 3 a.m. by the power coming on and Singer jumping into the bed with us.  She was shaking all over.  The poor girl was scared to death.

Sometimes we are scared to death, too.  Often we are afraid of being hurt again, and that makes it hard to forgive others.  Other times we have such a deep wound that it doesn’t go away quickly even when we forgive. That’s okay. In these cases, we need to trust God to take care of the rest. Go ahead and forgive, and let God heal the wound. One day you will wake up and be amazed. This has happened to me on a few occasions where the hurt ran deep.  I never saw the transformation taking place. It just did.  Thanks be to God!

Have a wonderful Thursday!  God bless you.

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