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Praise the Lord Sunday – Make a Difference

Change is inevitable but it is not always good . . .It's not too late. If you have seen the movie God's Not Dead 2, then you are aware that it not always acceptable to speak about our beliefs in the workplace or at school. When we love God, it is difficult to hide it. There are other things we can do though . . .

The joy of the Lord is my strength.   Nehemiah 8:10

Praise God it’s Sunday!  Every day is a good day to praise God when you love him.  Your faith and love should shine through in everything you do.  Of course none of us are perfect, and we should remember that about ourselves and others.

Whenever I was a girl, every morning at school the teacher would read a short two to three paragraph devotional.  I don’t remember a prayer being included.  It was usually a short situational story with a moral.  The stories taught us lessons on how to treat others, respect authority, and similar things.  Everyone knew the Golden Rule.  At lunch we recited the “God is Great” prayer.  People who did not worship God, did not have to participate.  I only remember one child who didn’t participate.  He wasn’t mistreated.  In fact, he probably would have liked to join in, but his parents wouldn’t let him.  At ball games a prayer was said by a student athlete.  When students met in the auditorium for programs, a prayer was said.  When I was in band, the students recited the Lord’s Prayer before half-time performances.  In high school we had a club that met before school to talk and say a prayer before the start of the day.  Every child knew the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, because it was recited daily at the start of the day.  It wasn’t something dreaded.  It was the routine.  We were taught patriotic songs in music class.  We learned songs about our country’s history and from different regions of our country and world.  I remember many of these today.  No one complained.  It was fun and it taught us about what our forefathers had done to build our nation and our world. It helped us to appreciate what it meant to be an American.   At home we said grace at meals when we sat down together as a family.  At bedtime we kneeled by the bed and said our prayers.  We went to Church on Sunday mornings and participated in Church youth activities during the week.  We were taught to witness to others and help the elderly.

Today, we are so concerned about being politically correct and not offending someone, that we have lost sight of things that were good and important.  We watch tragic violence often aimed at Christians on our televisions and computers daily, while we continue to give up our Christian beliefs to keep from offending others.  Our future generations are the ones who have been denied these simple privileges, and we all will pay a price for this.  I’m surprised daily by the lack of knowledge young adults have about things I take for granted that I learned as a child.  In an effort to show respect for differences, we have lost sight of values and morals.  I learned more respect for differences and how to treat others when I was a child, than children learn today.

It’s not too late.  If you have seen the movie God’s Not Dead 2, then you are aware that it is not always acceptable to speak about our beliefs in the workplace or at school. When we love God, it is difficult to hide it.  There are other things we can do though. Christian families can’t always sit down together to eat, but they can teach their children to pray at meals.  It is amazing how quickly children learn.  When our grandson comes to our home for a visit, he knows that we hold hands and pray before meals.  Families can teach children to pray in the  evenings before bed.  Families can go to Sunday School and Church together or separately.  I went with my grandmother and it didn’t kill me.  Bible stories and children’s hymns can be taught by families and friends.  Simple childhood routines learned early in life stay in the back of the minds of adults.  Others can also learn from how we behave and treat others.

We are the Body of Christ!  So, as you praise God today, set an example and mentor to future generations.  Let’s all pray together and lift up Christians everywhere!  Have a wonderful Sunday.  God bless you.



  1. Wonderfully written post with solid truth. We are always conscious of the fact people are watching us and therefore make every effort possible to let His light so shine. Our walking the word of God will often be the closest many will ever come to actually reading the word. God Bless you.

  2. My memories of school are the same as yours. I grew up loving my country and believing in God. I attended a church school when my parents could afford it. Even though my father abused me, I am still thankful for growing up in a family that believed in the existence of God. I’m thankful I grew up going to church, even though I didn’t like going.

    I cannot remember a time in my life I haven’t believed God was there. I’m thankful for my mother’s absolute belief in Him. What a blessing.

    I understand why they passed laws for schools not to have prayer etc. Government institutions are not supposed to push any religion on people. It would be terrible to have Church and State unite. That always ends up in persecution.

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