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Tell Me Something Good Monday – Count Your Blessings and Comfort Others

Do you ever feel you have it bad? Look around you . . .

I have heard your prayer and seen your tears.  I will heal you.  

2 Kings 20:5

Happy Monday!  Tell me something good!  We always have something that we can be thankful for.

I had a tough weekend.  Sometimes it feels like I gave my all during the week and there is nothing left on the weekend.  I muster enough strength to do basic household chores, and then I rest.  It is a little depressing.  There is so much I want to do.  This past weekend I wanted to go to a Bible study with a sweet friend at her church. Every night something happened.  I told her I would go after church on Sunday.  Wouldn’t you know I was up all night and nauseous.  I didn’t want to let her down, and I really wanted to go.

Later Sunday evening after resting all day, I received a text from another friend.  She was reporting on the health of the husband of someone we both know.  The text said the following.

Day 158: my husband was admitted to the hospital Friday. The brain infection has not improved and fluid was starting to build up in the brain again. The inflammation was not allowing it to drain. Today, he had emergency surgery to place a ventricular drain in his head. The surgery went well. He has not woken up yet. Also, tests show that he now has a bacterial infection in his blood. They don’t understand how he got an infection when he has been on so many antibiotics. Please continue to pray. Thank you!  

I thought back as I read the message.  He had a benign brain tumor removed.  Then, he contracted gangrene.  He was admitted to a nursing home facility and now this.  Their children went to school with mine.  While we are not close friends, our paths have crossed many times, and they are about the same age as my husband and me.

The good news for you and me is – look around, there is always someone worse off with a good attitude.  We all have struggles of one type or another.  You may think someone else has it made, but they have problems too.  We may not be able to choose our struggles, but we can choose our attitude, and we can command the enemy to leave our bodies when we are sick.  To be successful though, we have to have faith.

If you are having a bad day, I challenge you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and count your blessings.  If you are having a good day, count your blessings and comfort others.  God bless you.


  1. Beautiful post. Isn’t it the truth about looking around when we are having what appears to be a bad day and then we realize there is always someone else that is having a worse one. We are learning to give thanks in ALL situations. Praise Him in the storm.

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