God is love.     1 John 4:16

Happy Thursday!  Why not start the day by forgiving yourself and others!  Then,  count your blessings.  Your whole day will fall in place.

Have you ever felt like you are going in circles, making the same mistakes repeatedly?   You are not alone if you do.   It is believed by many biblical scholars that when the Israelites traveled through the wilderness, it took them 40 years to go a distance that could have been traveled in less than two weeks.   It was a matter of obedience.  Sometimes we make the same mistakes because we haven’t learned what we need to learn in order to move on.  I’ve seen this with my friends, who keep choosing the wrong partner to have a relationship.  This also happens with victims of abuse. Their self-esteem is so low that subconsciously they feel they don’t deserve any better.   Alcoholics often fall into a trap of trying to get better only to start drinking again.  Our flesh is weak.  We just need to listen to God, but We can’t seem to learn the lesson. It’s what we do.

I’m on the diet merry-go-round, or maybe it’s more of a roller coaster.  My weight goes up and down as I struggle to get it under control.  I keep wandering in the wilderness without a clue, a slave to my flesh.  Part of the problem is health and medication related, which is beyond my control.  However, I feel that my health would improve if I could lose weight.  Today, I asked God to forgive me and provide me strength in my times of weakness.  I am also trying something new.  It’s not a diet.  I am probably the only person who can gain weight on a lettuce diet.  So. I’m simply going to reduce my portion sizes and try to walk a little more.  I have found someone to model for portion sizes.  If this works, I will report back.  I’m expecting gradual, not rapid, results.

Today, I challenge you to join me in listening to God and moving on to a happier life.  God bless you!

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