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Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?

Our dogs are always excited to see us. They never want us to leave. They often give us reason to live. They bring us so much joy in life. Cuddling with Freckles, I realized he is about 15 years old now and won't be with us too much longer. Earlier this year we said goodbye to our beloved Pom Pom (18 year old Pomeranian) and a couple of years ago we said our farewells to our sweet Mini Me (14 year old Pomeranian). Over the years we have loved and lost many pets and every time it's been bitter sweet. So, the question becomes, do our pets go to heaven? . . .

What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later.    Romans 8:18

Happy Saturday.  This morning I wasn’t surprised when our 135 pound Great Dane, Singer, was licking my feet, flipping my hand over her head and whining.   She wanted to play and didn’t care that I had plans to sleep in.   I knew my husband had already fed her, so I began to explain to her that we’d have to wait, only to find out she had not eaten.  She was waiting to play first.  So, I took Singer and Freckles, our Shih Tzu, out.  Afterwards I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down in my recliner.  Freckles immediately curled up beside me to cuddle.

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Our dogs are always excited to see us.  They never want us to leave.  They often give us reason to live.  They bring us so much joy in life.  Cuddling with Freckles, I realized he is about 15 years old now and won’t be with us too much longer.  Earlier this year we said goodbye to our beloved Pom Pom (18 year old Pomeranian) and a couple of years ago we said our farewells to our sweet Mini Me (14 year old black Pomeranian).  Over the years we have loved and lost many pets, and every time it’s been a bitter-sweet goodbye.  So, the question becomes, do our pets go to heaven?

The Bible is silent on the issue.  However, when we study the Bible, we find that even in Old Testament times people felt love for their pets.  In 2 Samuel 12 Nathan told King David a story of a poor man, who only had a little lamb.  The man cared for the lamb like it was his daughter, feeding it from his plate.  The story says a rich man, who had a large flock took the poor man’s lamb and prepared it for a traveler.  The story angered David, but it was actually meant to teach him a lesson about himself.  Regardless of the intent, we learn about the comfort pets provided people then.

So, how do we get into Heaven?  John 3:16 says “whosoever believeth in him . . . [Jesus] . . . will have everlasting life.”  So, we need to be able to think and make decisions to accept Christ as our Savior.

I have often wondered if pets have souls.  I mean, can they think?  Do they have free will?  Do they have emotions?  Well, a couple of weeks ago, our electrical power went out in the middle of the night.  Singer jumped on top of me in the bed and was shaking uncontrollably.  She showed fear.

What about beyond the basic instincts of fear, hunger and similar survival necessities?   Well, whenever one of the dogs does something wrong, it’s easy to figure out which one, because they behave like someone who is guilty, hanging their head and slowly leaving the room.  Whenever I am feeling unwell, they stay by my side, and whenever I am sad and cry, they often whine.  Both of our dogs can follow instructions and know right from wrong.  We can leave steak on the counter.  Singer could easily eat the steak, because she towers over the counter, but she chooses to please us by avoiding it every time.  Similarly, Freckles loves to go for walks, and although he could wander off, he chooses to stay with us, and come when called.  We have had other pets who chose to disobey too.

They seem to understand what we are saying beyond common commands.  A few years ago my sister gave me a Great Dane, that was just not a good fit for our family.  Whenever I told my husband that we weren’t going to be able to keep her, she snapped her head around quickly and began behaving aggressively towards our other dogs.  So, although it is not addressed in the Bible, I believe some pets have a soul.  I say some, because I don’t have experience with exotic pets, like snakes.  I’m not saying they don’t have souls.  I’m just clarifying that we have only had dogs, cats, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.

The question becomes, can pets accept Christ?  I really don’t know.  Whenever I think of our pets, they seem like children in their thinking.  Our Mini Me had to take a stuffed animal with him everywhere he went.  It was so sweet and childlike.  The Bible says in Luke 8:15-16 that Jesus let little children come to him.  In the Old Testament David believed his son went to heaven (2 Samuel 12:15-23).  Also, in 1 Corinthians 7:14, the Bible says that children are sanctified by Christian parents.  I have no doubts that children go to heaven.  They are not mature in their thinking and therefore God will take care of them.

So, based on all of this information, I believe our dogs, cats and similar types of pets go to heaven.  I look forward to seeing all our pets who have passed before us, when I get there.

I hope you have a great day.  Love all your pets and take comfort.  God bless you and your pets!


  1. This was really eye-opening! I have a 11 year old border collie-Australian shepherd mix that is getting pretty close to her time coming. I also do feel like some dogs have little kids inside them that make them playful and happy. For example, my German shepherd Midnight who is in my profile picture,acts like a toddler.If you go outside to do something ,she will follow you all around with a toy . And if you grab her toy and don’t give it back she starts crying and pawing at me. But, if I feed her and leave her bowl on the ground and tell her not to eat it,she won’t,until I tell her to! Once again,great post!💕🌸😋

    1. Thank you. I love pets. I think I remember each one I have had throughout my life. As a child we always had German Shepherds. It’s interesting how each breed is unique in qualities, and each dog has a unique personality. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. That was an awesome blog and very touching. All pets go to heaven crossing the rainbow bridge. They are so innocent like children.

  3. I loved your post. We actually had to say goodbye to our 14 yr old Irish Setter mix this week. I’m devastated. She’s been a part of our family since she was 5 weeks old. But, I completely believe I will see her in heaven one day. I’m holding onto that belief! She was wonderful and always knew when I needed comforting or loved. I believe she had a soul, a beautiful and gracious one. She knew at the end it was her time, and she let me know with her soulful gaze she was ready and had so much love and devotion when she looked at me even till the end. Anyone who hasn’t experienced the love of a pet is missing a deep bond unlike anything else. ❤❤❤

  4. My dogs are also childlike in the way they behave and interact with each other. It’s not uncommon for them to take a favorite toy to bed with them at night.

  5. Wonderful post with well presented points. We too believe there will be animals in heaven, which ones we do not know, but our true interactive pets we do believe will be joyously about.

  6. Interesting post! I do believe that animals have souls – based on the definition of “soul” being “the mind, will and emotions”. The distinction between them and humans is that we also have the third part of the trinity – spirit. It’s that part of us that makes the difference, and that part of us that becomes alive in Christ when we accept him.
    Having said that, I do believe that animals will be in heaven; https://www.openbible.info/topics/animals_in_heaven lists a lot of scriptures on the topic (especially the “new heavens and new earth)! I personally believe that if a pet has been important to me (as a child of God), that pet will be important to God, and therefore I’ll find them in heaven…

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