I have come as a light to shine in this dark world.    John 12:46

Happy Wednesday from rainy Florida.  How will we use our gifts this week to change the world?

Have you ever felt despair?  I mean, not just sadness, but hopelessness.  Have you ever felt like it’s just not worth it?  Have you felt despair about someone else?  I’m talking about the feeling you can’t make a difference and everything is spiraling out of control.  Do you know someone else who feels this way?

No one has to feel despair.  Yet, most of us have at least one time, if not many.  What we need to do is keep our sight on Jesus and helping others.  We are never alone and life is never really hopeless.  Interestingly, we usually don’t know, but each one of us is another person’s hope.  Someone, whether you know it or not, is counting on you and needs you to help them.  Every life touches another.  We are all so intertwined.  Your life is worth the fight.  So, start by praying.  Then, get busy helping others who feel the same.  Once you begin helping others, you will find that your life really does have purpose.  If you still feel despair, seek medical attention.  If you are not feeling despair, that’s wonderful, but you can help others too.  Let’s all reach out and share God’s love.

Yesterday, I received a message (see my home page) from Chrisscatmeow .  Her 20 year-old son has been in the hospital for six months with major medical issues.  Please read her message and keep her and her family in your prayers.

I have an update.  Several posts back I shared a story from a woman.  Her husband had been sick for a long time with gangrene in his brain.  He had surgery a few days ago and is much better.  The last report I received, he was sitting up in bed and had enjoyed a soda.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  Please continue to remember this family.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  God bless you.

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